What are AIM?

What are AIM? 2016-10-31T02:14:26+00:00

What are Accessible Instructional Materials?

 What is AIM for?

Hands holding an electronic book.Accessible  Instructional  Materials(AIM)

AIM  are  specialized  formats  of  fully  accessible   textbooks  and  other  curriculum  materials  that   can  be  used  by  and  with  students  who  are   struggling  readers  or  otherwise  unable  to   access  printed  text.

Source:   Focus On Results: Students Can Benefit From Accessible Instructional Materials

Fully  Accessible  Means

  • All  text  is  digital  and  can  be  read  with  Text  to   Speech  tools,  modified  (font  size)  and   navigated  by  unit,  chapter,  section,  and  page   number
  • Images  include  alt  and  descriptive  text
  • Math  equa6ons  are  provided  as  images  with alt  text  or  as  MathML
  • Text  can  be  converted  to  Braille

Accessible  Instructional  Materials Are

  • Braille
    • Hard  Copy  and  Refreshable  Braille  systems
  • Audio
    • Mp3,  .wav,  .aiff,  etc
  • Digital  Text
    • DAISY  Talking  Books,  eBooks,  ePub,  HTML,  XML
  • Large  Print
    • Generally  considered  Hard  Copy,  but  could  include   enlarged  text  on  computer  screens
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