What is a Print Disability?

////What is a Print Disability?
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What is a Print Disability?

To be eligible to receive services through our specific grant, students need to have a print disability. Our grant will ask for an assurance that your district has qualified a student as having a print disability – but what does that mean?

The Maine Center for accessible instructional materials has this to say:

The definition of a print disability is generally considered a functional definition. That is, a student with a print disability is one who is unable to gain information from printed materials at an anticipated level for their grade, and needs alternative access or a specialized format (i.e., Braille, Large Print, Audio, Digital text) to access that information. This includes students with blindness, visual impairments, learning disabilities or other physical conditions.

Learning Ally, formerly Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic, says

A print disability can be a learning disability, a visual impairment or a physical disability. Although the manners in which the disability occurs are very different, they all share one characteristic: individuals diagnosed with a print disability cannot access print in the standard way.

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