What is NIMAS?

////What is NIMAS?
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What is NIMAS?

NIMAS: National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard Logo

What does NIMAS do?

NIMAS stands for National Instructional Materials Standard, and is a set of computer code standards that allow textbooks and other instructional materials to be accessed. The standard is called DAISY, itself a national standard for electronic textbook accessibility, letting users with a wide range of disabilities access printed materials on a variety of hardware and software reading devices.

National  Instructional  Materials   Standard  (NIMAS)

  • NIMAS  Statute  and  Regs  –  IDEA  2004
  • Effective  July  2005
  • NIMAS  Final  Rules  published  200ti
  • Places  expectations  on  publishers  of  materials   published  after  August  2006.

NIMAS  Designed  to

  • Provide  a  timely  delivery  of  specialized   formats
  • Avoid  a  duplication  of  effort  (scanning  and   OCR)
  • Standardize  across  states
  • Improve  student  outcomes

NIMAS  Files

  • Based  on  the  international  DAISY  standard  for   electronic  text
  • Consistent  and  valid  XML-­‐based  source  files   created  by  publishers
  • Files  are  used  to  create  accessible  specialized   formats  (eg,  braille,  audio,  digital  talking   books,  large  print,  etc.)


  • Established  through  the  American  Printing   House  for  the  Blind  (APH)
  • Receives  and  maintains  a  catalog  of  NIMAS   print  instructional  materials
  • Provides  those  materials  in  accessible  media   source  files
  • Has  procedures  to  protect  against  copyright   infringement

Source:  Skip  Stahl,  cast.org

[image credit: http://www.uwyo.edu/wind/nimas/]

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