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Funding Resources for Veterans

Veteran’s Administration Benefits

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) is one of the largest purchasers of assistive devices for persons with disabilities. Not all veterans are equally eligible for all VA benefits. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provides a broad spectrum of rehabilitative care to its beneficiaries. In addition to coverage for veterans themselves, the VA provides needed healthcare benefits to certain children of Vietnam veterans (i.e. children with spina bifida or an associated disability). Veterans may also receive VA healthcare benefits through participation in the VA’s vocational rehabilitation program. .

Potential Funding Sources for Eligible Veterans

Enrolled veterans receiving VA care for any condition may receive medically necessary VA prosthetic appliances, equipment and devices, such as artificial limbs, orthopedic braces and shoes, wheelchairs, crutches and canes, and other durable medical equipment and supplies. Certain veterans who are not enrolled may also be eligible for prosthetic items for a service-connected disability. Contact the Veteran’s Administration Facilities in Alaska for additional information and assistance.

For covered VA services go to the following links for additional information:

This article focuses on the funding sources through the VA. This article by Neighborhood Legal Services addresses many of the AT needs for “Wounded Warriors” and other veterans.

Other Sources of Funding for Assistive Technology

CAP – Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

CAP provides assistive technology (AT) and services to people with disabilities, Federal managers, supervisors, and IT professionals.

CAP Wounded Service Member Initiative

CAP works closely with service members to ensure they receive appropriate assistive technology (AT) for their needs. Additional information can also be found at the TRICARE website.

Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation (Not a VA Organization)

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center (PRC), the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC), and the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) have resources and expertise to enhance the care and recovery of active military and veterans with paralysis and/or traumatic brain injury.

The PRC Military Outreach Campaign assists all service members and veterans with mobility impairment from a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. The PRC has two locations and an extensive website to help those living with paralysis make more informed decisions about their treatment. For information about paralysis contact the PRC veteran’s and military hotline at (866) 962-8387 Email: . For military brain injury questions contact DVBIC: (800) 870-9244

Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA)

Veterans Service Organizations

Wheelchairs may be available for “give-away” or long term loan from local veteran’s organizations, e.g. Disabled American Veterans, Veterans or Foreign Wars, VFW, American Legion.

“Gently used” assistive technology (AT) and durable medical equipment (DME) is available for loan, sale , or give-away from Alaska’s AK Trading Post, Centers for Independent Living, and other local loan closets.

Additional Information:

Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Camp Denali, Bldg. 49000, Rm C-211, P.O. Box 5800
Ft. Richardson, AK 99505-0800
(907) 428-6016
(907) 428-6019 fax

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Medical Center
50 Irving Street, NW
Washington, DC 20422
Toll Free: (800)827-1000
Direct: (202)745-8578
TTY: (202)745-8270
Fax: (202)745-8579

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