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Vendor: Google
Barcode: 900161
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Transaction Type: Demo
Disclaimer: The item's description and image comes from the vendor's website. Claims made in the description are the responsibility of the vendor. The image is a stock photo and is for illustration only. The actual item has been used previously and will differ. It may be missing accessories or have signs of cosmetic wear but otherwise be in working condition. We do not offer any warranty or redeem special offers.

Zoom text without distorting the images
The only text zoom extension that works!!
Saves your zoom setting for each domain.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts:
Zoom in: Alt + =
Zoom out: Alt + -
Reset Zoom: Alt + 0

Known bugs:
- There is a small delay from when the page loads to when it gets zoomed. Only way to fix this is for chrome devs to implement this functionality natively.

- Some pages which use a lot of javascript to render parts of the page don't get the zoom applied (i.e.

- The extension does not come with any sounds. If you hear sounds when changing the zoom level those are due to the system sound scheme. This video has information on how to turn it off.

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