Any Alaskan at any age can need supports for learning and cognition, not just students! We will look at tools that can help individuals who struggle with reading, writing, mathematics, and organization. Individuals may struggle with learning and cognition due to a physical limitation, visual impairment, learning disability, traumatic brain injury, or those with limitations to their executive functioning.


AT for reading includes the use of hardware such as laptops, tablets, or dedicated devices for e-text or audio text. In addition, software that will convert printed text to digital text and read it aloud with a synthesized voice is also AT for reading. Bookshare is an online library of over 700,000 books available for students and adults who have a print disability to access books in an accessible format. Voice Dream Reader then will read the book aloud and give visual stimuli of the word and line being read.


AT for writing are tools that can make the physical act of writing easier. AT can also help individuals who have trouble with spelling and grammar, and with organizing and expressing their thoughts. TextHelp’s Read&Write is an easy-to-use toolbar that makes documents, files and web pages more accessible in addition to providing support to document creation. Ergonomic pens and pencil grips and holders are all examples of tools that can help someone who struggles with writing.


AT for math includes math notation tools, digital graphing tools, drawing tools, equation-solving tools, graphic organizers, text-to-speech, and dictation. TextHelp’s EquatIO makes math digital with speech-to-text. Text-to-speech, and more options.


AT for organization are tools that can help a person plan, organize, and keep track of their calendar, schedule, or homework. “Executive functions” are high-level mental abilities that direct attention and memory and help us to plan, organize, pay attention to and remember details, start and stop actions, form concepts and think abstractly. The First Then Visual Schedule app is useful for those who benefit from a structured environment and a structured environment; increases independence and lowers anxiety.

Learn more about AT for Communication at AT3 Center’s Explore AT Clearinghouse.

ATLA has services and programs available for individuals who need AT for Learning and Cognition.