Putting your Ability back to work!

There are 990 Farms in Alaska Equal to More Than $70M in Market Value

Aquaculture is responsible for 56.7% Nursery, greenhouses are responsible for 27.2% Vegetables, melons are responsible for 9.6% and everything else is responsible for 6.5%

AgrAbility helps Alaskans who have a barrier to independently performing agriculture related goals

These farms include growing crops and horticulture, raising livestock, and even harvesting seafood. This program is to enhance the quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and their families impacted by disability or impairment.

AgrAbility offers the following services at no cost to customers:

  • Conducting on-site assessments to identify barriers to completing tasks both in the agricultural workplace and the home.
  • Recommending appropriate assistive technologies (equipment/tools/devices), modified work practices, and/or other possible solutions to overcoming disability-related limitations.
  • Providing access to informational materials on a variety of topics related to disability and agriculture.
  • Providing education/training opportunities through workshops, conferences, seminars, and on-line programs.
  • Referring customers to other service providers for potential assistance (e.g., financial, rehabilitative, educational) specific to the clients’ needs.
  • Arranging for peer support opportunities that connect customers with others who have successfully accommodated their disabilities.
  • Assisting military veterans seeking employment in agriculture-related occupations.

AgrAbility does not provide direct funding for equipment. However, ATLA can help Alaskans navigate available resources if funding is needed. 

The Toolbox Assistive Technology Database Online provides information on more than 1,000 assistive products to a worldwide audience.

ATLA and the UAF Cooperative Extension Office have partnered on this USDA-funded program. For questions or more information contact ATLA at atla@atlaak.org.