Connecting Alaska who have ALS with AT for Independence

ALS Association Evergreen Chapter

ATLA manages the ALS Evergreen Chapter Equipment Loan Closet

Excerpt from ALS Association Evergreen Chapter Website:
“Many individuals with ALS experience a reduction in speech clarity and/or an inability to speak as a result of the weakness of the muscles involved in speaking.  Difficulty with or an inability to speak does not have to result in the loss of communication.  Many devices are available to assist with communication needs.  These devices range from low-tech communication boards to complex computer systems that can be operated with minimal movement.

The Chapter’s Augmentative Communication Loan Program offers communication devices for loan to individuals without insurance coverage or who are awaiting insurance approval.  The type of equipment loaned is based on each person’s needs and the availability of equipment.

Many insurance providers will cover at least a portion of the cost of a communication device.  Most insurance programs require an assessment by a Speech-Language Pathologist.” Continue reading more about the ALS Evergreen Chapter by selecting “Learn More” below.