Assistive Technology Acquisition Assistance Program

Picket sign for help, support, advice, guidance and words that say supporting individuals who need funding for assistive technology

The objective of ATAAP is to coordinate and navigate resources for individuals who are in need of AT funding assistance.

The 4 Steps to Independence

  1. Determine Qualifications
    Short interview to better understand the consumer and their AT needs.
  2. Find Funding Sources
    The ATAAP Coordinator will research, curate, and navigate potential funding options through private, local, state, and national organizations.
  3. Apply for Funding
    Assisting qualified consumers with applications and resources to meet their needs through reuse, loans, and other possible funding options.
  4. Obtain AT
    If funding is available, ATAAP will assist the consumer acquire the AT devices and services needed.

Need Funding Assistance?

Please consider making a donation to ATLA in order to help ATAAP bring assistive technology tools and services to Alaskans who are in need!

ATAAP is an exploratory process and does not guarantee a source of funding.