The purpose of the ReLease Program is to help all Alaskans with disabilities who need assistive technology but do not have the ability to obtain it through traditional funding resources such as private pay, Medicaid, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or school districts.

This program will provide a cost effective alternative to provide assistive technology for those who meet the eligibility requirements as a Mental Health Trust beneficiary.


To be eligible to participate in the ReLease Program, applicants must:

  • Reside in Alaska.
  • Be an Alaska Mental Health Trust Beneficiary, as defined by the Trust.

Applicants are required to provide documentation of the beneficiary status with the submission of their application. The documentation could be any of the following:

  • Medical documentation;
  • Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplement Security Income disability determination;
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Eligibility statement based on beneficiary disability type;
  • Other legal documentation of disability as deemed acceptable by the review committee.

Borrowing Guidelines

It is mandatory for ATLA to have complete and thorough documentation of the consumer’s contact / eligibility information on file. Without it, the ReLease process cannot be completed. Each borrower must sign a ReLease policy and agreement form for the items they are leasing. There are no exceptions to these rules.

ATLA ReLease Program Billing & Rental Procedures

The primary goal of the ReLease Program is to ensure that Alaskans with disabilities have access to equipment when needed for long term trial prior to the purchase of equipment.

  • Items are rented only upon receipt of agreement signed by the user or an authorized agency.
  • The rental agreement is based on monthly (30 day) increments. Monthly fees accrue for each 1 to 30 days that the device is rented out of the ATLA ReLease Program and begins on the date the item(s) leaves the library.
  • Rental fees are never pro-rated. One day late yields an additional one-month rental charge. It is the responsibility of the leaser and / or authorized agencies to pay fees and return the equipment on time.
  • After 6 months, if there are no pending requests for the rented equipment, the user may extend the rental agreement for an additional 3 to 6 months.
  • Equipment may be rented for a maximum of 12 months, no exceptions.
  • It is the borrowers responsibility to pay all shipping costs incurred during the lease of equipment. (This cost may be waived for a borrower however, if delivery can be arranged through on-site pick-up and return.)

A small monthly, biannual, or annual fee will be charged for equipment based on the total value of the device(s), not on the applicant’s income eligibility.

Wait List

From time to time it might be necessary for ATLA to maintain a first-come-first-served waiting list for certain pieces of popular equipment.

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