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Funding Resources for Assistive Technology Services

What funding resources are available?

There are many different sources of funding that can be used to purchase or acquire assistive technology (AT); however, funding is not always easy to secure. We hope this section provides you with a place to start your search. It may be easier for consumers to work with a care coordinator, case manager, counselor/rehabilitation specialist, etc. to assist in the search. They can often combine resources to help purchase a device or piece of equipment. In many cases a consumer may be asked to contribute funds or in-kind services to assist with the purchase. AT vendors and manufacturers are also a good resource for funding assistance or information.

Information You Need to Know:

The following information will help your search for funding since there may be restrictions on who or what will be funded.

1. Age of the person
2. Income
3. Disability or diagnosis
4. Type of AT device or equipment needed? (e.g. communication, mobility, computer access)
5. Where will the technology be used? (home, school, job, community)

There are many potential funding resources for acquiring assistive technology (AT) listed on this website. The resources are categorized by: disability specific, education, employment, foundations and trusts, organizations and clubs, public / insurance funding and veterans.  Other specialized categories are also listed including home and vehicle modifications.

Did you know that Alaska has a guaranteed Assistive Technology (AT) loan fund?

A fund was established in 1994 to help individuals with disabilities purchase needed AT to improve their independence and productivity. This loan fund allows qualified consumers access to a lower interest rate and/or longer term repayment timeline based on their individual needs. The State guarantees 90% of this loan while the commercial bank covers the remaining 10% guarantee. Go to Alaska AT Loan Fund for more information.

Possible Funding Options

Assistive technology (AT) opens up a world of possibilities and improves independence and productivity for individuals with disabilities. However, knowing what technology you want / need but not knowing where or how to pay for it is often a significant barrier. Possible funding options are listed below:

Alaska Assistive Technology (AT) Loan Fund

The Alaska Assistive Technology Loan Fund that allows people with disabilities to purchase needed AT when there is no other source of funding.

Civic Organizations / Service Clubs

There are numerous civic organizations and service clubs that may help fund AT for individuals without other funding.

Disability Specific

Funding sources may be specific to certain disabilities or diseases to include: Neuromuscular Diseases, Blind / Visually Impaired, Developmental Disabilities, Hearing Loss, Communication, and Mobility


Federal laws have helped shape the funding for Early Intervention, Special Education, and even in some aspect at the Post Secondary level.

Foundations and Trusts

There are local, state and national foundations and trusts that will assist with funding of AT.

Medicaid / Medicare / Private Insurance / TRICARE

Some of the most common sources of funding of AT for individuals with disabilities are Medicaid, Medicare and Private Insurance. For military dependents and retires, TRICARE is an option.

Manufacturer Rentals

Many manufacturer’s of assistive technology will rent or lease their AT equipment for extended periods of time or allow rent to own purchases. Medicare and Medicaid may for rentals.

Reutilization and Recycling of Equipment

Recycling/reutilization programs sanitize and refurbish donated equipment that’s is then donated or sold at an affordable price to clients. Exchange programs help match those who need used equipment with people who have equipment to donate or sell. Contact your local Independent Living Center or go to the AK Trading Post for items available throughout Alaska.

Seniors Citizens – 55yr+

The Mabel T. Caverly Senior Center DEAP Program benefits seniors, age 55 and older, who are residents of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Mat-Su Borough, or live on the Kenai Peninsula, and who do not have insurance coverage for dental work, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, hearing aids, or prescription drugs.

Veteran’s Administration

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) is one of the largest purchasers of assistive devices for persons with disabilities. Not all veterans are equally eligible for all VA benefits

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Qualified individuals with disabilities may receive AT through Vocational Rehabilitation or through employment / work incentive programs.

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